KOP Group is a diversified real estate investment, development and management company headquartered in Singapore with a portfolio of notable residential, commercial, hotels and resort properties in key cities and major tourist destinations.

LUX Legion is an alliance providing its members with a platform to showcase their products and services to a discerning readership. Through editorial print publications, direct mail communications, social media and an award-winning website platform, LUX Legion is a one-stop solution that places luxury brands at the forefront of the competition and in front of a highly targeted group of clients. The group of brands that form the Legion collectively offer unique products and experiences that enhance the best of what life has to offer.


Aqua Voyage presents an exquisite cruising experience onboard our luxury yachts to some of Asia's most exotic and exciting cruise destinations.

Our yachts are intimate yet spacious, fully equipped with the latest technology and decked out with the finest amenities. Professional service stewards attentive to your every need are on hand to ensure a truly memorable experience. Each sumptuous meal promises to be indulgent and a decadent culinary adventure. Every journey with us is made in perfect comfort and style.


SaSo gives clients the advantages of quality offices and apartments without the financial commitments. Luxury is all about recognition, choice and convenience; SaSo provides the best ingredients  to create an environment for you to work well in and to enjoy after.


Montigo Resorts represents all things fun and entertaining. With beach clubs, exceptional food and innovative service initiatives. Montigo Resorts are located in the world’s most desired locations and are aimed at being hospitality leaders in recognition, choice and convenience.